Course begins Sunday, October 4th and ends Sunday, November 29th 


Program includes online "LIVE" sessions and pre-recorded material.

All "LIVE" sessions will be recorded and shared to the group for later viewing if unable to attend. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week are the "live" community sessions?

The "live" sessions will be done over Zoom once a week. The first session will be an orientation on Sunday, October 4th. From there, the group will decide on a weekly time and day of the week to meet, according to schedules. If unable to attend the decided time, a recording of the session will be made and posted for all to see. 

Why are the Greek Goddesses used as weekly themes?

Goddess psychology is an entire study that claims that the archetypes of the women figures in Greek mythology can be found in the modern woman. Using archetypes as "jumping off" points for self-discovery helps women to identify the strength in beauty within them and within every other woman. Plus, it's more fun to do self-work with a theme! 

Is the course secular or spiritual?

The Odyssey Within is a secular course. The goddesses are not meant to be worshipped, rather to be used as a point of discussion and imaginative self-work. Meditation is a part of the course, and while some may incorporate their own religion or spirituality into their meditation practice, it is not defined as such by the course. 

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