Kiarra Donnelly is a 23 year old actress and creative from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated at the top of her class with a B.F.A in Acting from Coastal Carolina University. Some of her secondary interests include: health and wellness, yoga, creative writing, the Spanish language, Theater of the Oppressed, and spending time in nature. She has worn many hats in her life including collegiate resident adviser (RA), overseas au pair, costume shop seamstress, fitness instructor, and Celebration Barn Theater Intern/ Chicken Coop Cleaner (CCC). Her favorite role to play, though, is that of the student. Kiarra thrives in an environment of learning and, while she has completed her undergrad, she is excited and grateful to enter a field where training never stops. In her free time, she loves watching the Home Shopping Network (though she has never made a purchase) and admiring the moon. Kiarra believes that sharing stories is the ultimate tool for connection, healing, and growth. 

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